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When patients think of going to the dentist, the only printing you might think of is for patient forms. However, with the introduction of 3D Printing technology into dentistry, it becomes possible to “print” surgical guide, new tooth, dentures, or retainer for your practice…and Integrum 3D is here to help.

Why Digital Dentistry?

Digital technology is revolutionizing dentistry. Conventional methods are rapidly being replaced by new and more precise digital technology. Traditional processes are slow and outdated, thus increasing the potential for human errors.

We understand that the major limitation of digital dentistry is cost, because to adopt new technology often requires a higher capital investment. Integrum 3D offers reliable products and services that are both affordable and fit each office’s need.

Surgical Guide Flowchart

CBCT Scanning
Model Scanning
Guide Planning
3D Printing
Surgical Guide

Meet Integrum 3D

Our experts have over 25 years of dental laboratory experience combined. Digital dentistry can allow your practice to thrive and stay competitive. It will introduce technologies that can increase convenience for your practice and more importantly, your patients. Through the transition to digital dentistry, you will be able to access files more quickly, and increase overall efficiency in your workplace. With the assistance of Integrum 3D IT specialist, the transition to digital dentistry does not need to be an added source of stress to you and your practice.

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Our experts have over 25 years of dental laboratory experience combined.

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